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The "news" page is this page which you are currently reading.


interviews The "interviews" pages feature individual audio interviews with an author about an individual book. Browse our interviews page which lists all our our audio interviews by book and author. Or, select a topic from our "Interview Topics" sidebar to browse a list of books by topic.

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history wiki The "canadian history wiki" is a forthcoming section which will be a Wikipedia-style section dedicated to books and writing on books and topics in Canadian history.

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walrus magazine

Walrus Interviews In the past the Writer's Cafe conducted interviews with writers of articles in The Walrus magazine. Go to our Walrus Magazine Interviews page to find a list of the interviews you can hear. Or go directly to the Walrus magazine web site.



Many of the interviews at the Writer's Cafe originally aired on "Cabbages & Kings", a one-hour literary program which broadcast for about 15 years on CHUO 89.1 FM at the University of Ottawa, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


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New From Gutenburg

Memoirs of John Abernethy by George Macilwain

Language: English ()

Isabel Clarendon, Vol. I (of II) by George Gissing

Language: English ()

Fairy Tales from Gold Lands by May Wentworth

Language: English ()

Brazil, the River Plate, and the Falkland Islands by William Hadfield

Language: English ()

The Commonwealth of Oceana by James Harrington

Language: English ()

A Book of Gems by Benjamin Franklin

Language: English ()

The Future of the Women's Movement by Helena M. Swanwick

Language: English ()

New York Review of Books

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